Support in the project

During the commissioned service, you can reach us during normal office hours on a wide variety of channels (see contact). If, in addition, different service times are necessary due to individual characteristics of the order, this is of course possible. Simply coordinate this with your contact person in advance.

Direct, own contact person

During the assignment, you have at least one assigned contact person who coordinates all services. Appropriate reinforcements are deployed in the event of substitution or vacation or for particularly large projects.

Is there a kind of "maintenance contract"?

After the so-called "phasing out", that is, after a service has been performed and not infrequently - at least partially - transferred to the field of responsibility of an own employee, we are of course still available for questions and problems that arise. This is a matter of course for us and is regularly included in the target performance. In the case of special features (e.g. large companies, several locations, complex services, introduction of new software, etc.), a kind of "maintenance contract" / SLA (Service Level Agreement) can be agreed in advance, which guarantees our availability beyond this Request with agreed response times or the like.

Our quality control
Of course, we exemplify what we recommend to our customers.
Every service performed is subject to internal controls, which vary depending on the type of service. In general, there are at least two people in the support team, so that in the simplest case, the four-eyes principle applies. Depending on the order, additional, for example automatic, system-based controls are used that correspond to the latest state of the art.
Upon request (and automatically for larger projects), monitoring by the customer is possible via project management platforms, with which you can see the performance status.
Prices and billing
Individual services are seldom the same -
but comparable from experience

This is easily explained using the example of contract management:
This is usually different when accompanying large construction projects than in the area of ​​mandate contracts for tax advisory professions.
While in the first case we often accompany negotiations and check results, tax consultants often also conclude verbal mandate contracts, which can lead to problems in the event of a dispute. Here we could act as, for example, the interface and coordinator of the procedure in the event of a conflict - either actively mediating or in exchange with contracted lawyers.
Our pricing is therefore flexible to a certain extent. There is both the possibility of billing according to expenditure, according to flat (project) prices or with a success-dependent variable, as we are not determined by professional remuneration regulations in our pricing.
We will coordinate this with you at the beginning of each activity and settle it at short intervals so that you always have an overview.
Contract terms
Our services are as flexible as you need them to be.
Whether it is one-off, one-off support from an expert or the long-term filling of a vacancy with an interim mandate - we will prepare for you. You will receive up-to-date know-how, ready for immediate use and without obligation.
Are there any risks? Are you insured?

All services offered are covered by our insurance, as is the case, for example, with tax consultants or lawyers.

The exact sums can be found in our imprint.

If necessary, this can of course be proven when placing the order.

Do you have more questions?

Do not hesitate to contact us. We would like to help you.