EDP & IT processes under control

Always make process adjustments with an eye on IT

It is often assumed that advice on EDP or IT questions is not necessary. Sometimes because you are "already well looked after", the company is "too small" for that and much more. In our opinion - and also based on practical experience - this is often one of the roots of a large number of problems.

On the one hand, in our high-tech and complex world, which turns very quickly (and increasingly faster), especially in the technical field, it is usually not possible in day-to-day business to keep track of things "on the side".

On the other hand, the whole thing is based on a question of philosophy: You are well advised to always assess all procedures, processes and developments in the company with a look at your own IT systems.

The range is wide: whether large sums of money can be saved because incompatibilities are discovered late in the project (systems do not communicate with each other, hardware is not powerful enough, employees need significantly more training than expected, ...) - the risks are diverse and sometimes serious.

Last but not least, potentials may remain unused: with better and better systems, a significant increase in efficiency can be achieved from group to small company level, for example through automation and slight scaling of processes, whereby new business areas can be opened up and / or resources can be used for other purposes.

It is important here to get a neutral assessment, which does not count on commissions or clings to the core business - e.g. selling hardware every X years - and otherwise leaves the company uninformed.