contract management

Contract &
Compliance management

Depending on the type, contracts can be extensive and complex. In addition, one has to deal with it much more frequently in everyday company life, so that the large number of participants and the decisions to be made result in risks that need to be managed.

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IT consulting (software & hardware)

It is often assumed that advice on EDP or IT questions is not necessary. Sometimes because you are "already well looked after", the company is "too small" for that and much more. In our opinion - and also based on practical experience - this is often one of the roots of a large number of problems.

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Data Security

Data protection &
IT security

Not only since the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has it been an increasingly risky topic, which is often underestimated or completely ignored in both private and business contexts.

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Trainings & coachings
for executives

In our seminars we support managing directors and executives in learning new skills or coping with current challenges. Continuing education is the personal core competence of our time.

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"We experienced him as someone who knows how to familiarize himself with a wide variety of - sometimes completely new - subject areas within a very short time in a structured manner and to use the skills he has acquired profitably."


Sales Marketing

Sales & Marketing -

Digital and automated

In the areas of sales & marketing in particular, a high level of data-driven analysis and automated workflows has already been achieved or at least possible with on-board tools from various providers.

There's a lot to choose from - our approach differs from that.

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Social media marketing
  • Supervision of your corporate channels
  • Content research and creation
  • Moderation of your accounts
  • Training in dealing with social media
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Expert network and

As already mentioned in other places, we have an extensive network of partners from a wide variety of areas, which have proven to be particularly reliable over time.

Whether through us proactively during the course of the project or when you are on the lookout - we will find proven experts.

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Advice on subscription for SMEs

Our offer is aimed at micro and small businesses, which (not only at the beginning of their business activity) are overwhelmed by the often underestimated administrative work in addition to the actual core business in terms of time or technical issues.

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Mediation &
conflict management

Similar to our network of experts, our involvement in conflict situations or the demand for it arose from many years of practical experience in consulting and interim mandates.

Letting conflicts smolder and ignoring them often involves risks.

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We analyze your needs in a personal initial meeting.

Increase your efficiency and minimize possible risks by outsourcing critical company processes.