Process consulting

Process consulting often begins specifically with a specific question or a defined concern. If the missing piece of the puzzle is then set in the course of the consultation, further potentials or possible synergy effects are occasionally shown and our service ends at this point.

It is not uncommon for the transition to project or change management to be fluid, as either the need or the will of the company / management to bring about comprehensive changes is great.

Projektmanagement Changemanagement

Project- &
Change management

Either from the mandate as a process consultant or commissioned directly as a project manager: here we bundle all competencies, resources and ultimately also results for you, so that you only have to make decisions when you arrive at specific milestones in the project.

Or - with the appropriate approval and prior definition of goals - being able to pursue your own day-to-day business as an observer.

In any case, the project management or change management represents the implementation of company-critical, future-proof projects for you when commissioned, which is driven by external professionals with all means and with the greatest care.

Interim Management

Interim management

Whether bridging vacancies or the desire for external know-how or a "breath of fresh air" in a crucial position in the company - the appointment of an interim manager is the method of choice here.

You get an external expert "in house" who, unlike in classic consulting or project management - which is also carried out in close collaboration with the client and his employees - acts as one of "you" and very deeply involved in the day-to-day business of the Company or, alternatively, the department concerned.

With or without a specific task in advance: a lack of "operational blindness", knowledge from a large number of different companies and no acceptance of "But we have always done it this way" make the interim manager a special "employee" with great leverage.

And best of all: a non-binding test is possible at any time, so that you can see for yourself whether your project is bearing fruit.

Sit back:

The commissioning of a full service concept

Concentration on your core business

You have identified a problem, but do not have the time or people to solve it. We talk about it, set (intermediate) goals, and you stay in focus and do what you do best. Once aligned, we will ideally come to you for approvals or interim reports.

Problem solving with a view of the bigger picture 
As an external service provider, our success stands and falls with the result that we achieve with you. That's why we're in the ring with everything we have here - and we also look beyond our own desk and the 5 p.m. mark, if that leads to the goal.
Low risk, great opportunity

Our own quality standards require extensive insurance coverage in the worst-case scenario in which all of our own controls are no longer effective.

On the other hand, we have many years of project experience from a large number of companies in a wide variety of industries. The learning curve in technical issues, but not least in the social skills acquired, is extremely steep - and you can use it without making a start.

Central contact

Your project is extensive and there are many so-called "stakeholders" involved: banks, employees, suppliers, customers, ...

Keeping an overview is already a demanding task. In addition, to cope with day-to-day business - at least daring.

Make sure you have a central contact person who acts as a staff unit for you and coordinates all processes - over the entire duration of the project.

Bridging vacancies at all levels

In interim mandates in particular, it is often a matter of filling vacant positions temporarily. Be it as a substitute on parental leave or because the person who is personally and / or professionally suitable was simply not found - often for months.

Meanwhile, of course, the world keeps turning. By hiring an interim manager for your position, you secure a high level of know-how and short-term availability with a high level of non-commitment at the same time.

The interim manager can be employed at all hierarchical levels in the company (D&O insurance included) and is often the hot line to potential candidates for a long-term filling of the vacant position in the company.

The only constant in life is change: Change management as permanent accompaniment

There are different theories, approaches and ultimately "camps" - but the fact is: the smallest changes happen every day.

From changing employees, to the promotion of a colleague or the reallocation of resources and budgets.

Constant support is therefore often essential and is often easier for an external person who is not subject to the much-cited "operational blindness" - if only because of the often better acceptance of their own employees.

If you have any questions, please have a look at our FAQ area.



Your projects and plans are as individual as the actors involved.

So let's take the time together to discuss the feasibility - free of charge, of course (if available).