Continuous training as a core competence

"New Work" is more similar to Kaizen and the continuous improvement process (CIP) than many people realize

In our seminars we support managing directors and executives in learning new skills or coping with current challenges.

Since these are highly individualized in the vast majority of cases, here are a few examples:

  • Support in the handling of tests by external organizations or authorities (internal or external audits, ISO certifications)
  • Conversation and communication, motivation (towards employees, colleagues, suppliers or subcontractors) - e.g. also banks, tax consultants, lawyers, insurance companies, employers' liability insurance association
  • Management skills, e.g. controlling, business evaluation: understand, interpret and adapt
  • Legal (basic) knowledge
  • EDP Basic knowledge
  • Training on special software, as required
  • Project management methods
  • (Basics) in Sales & Marketing

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