Control contracts consciously and securely

Compliance management system as a possible "parachute"

Depending on the type, contracts can be extensive and complex. In addition, one has to deal with it much more frequently in everyday company life, so that the large number of people involved and the decisions to be made result in risks that need to be managed.

We are happy to support you - from accompanying you in negotiations of all kinds (e.g. construction projects, salary negotiations, software providers, mobility service providers), through selecting and managing your lawyers, to setting up a complete compliance management system that can also protect you from sanctions .

The requirements, but also the possibilities, are diverse and often controllable by software, which then requires the interdisciplinary cooperation of e.g. the human resources and the commercial department.

It becomes clear: whether it remains with contract management or extensive projects are to be implemented, we establish the necessary steps - together with you or, if you wish, so that you can concentrate on your core business and are involved at regular intervals.