Gradually automate sales & marketing processes

Use resources and freed-up capacities elsewhere through clever automation

In the areas of sales & marketing in particular, a high level of data-driven analysis and automated workflows has already been achieved or at least possible with on-board tools from various providers. Since you are offered everything that is feasible here, you quickly lose track of things and are literally "overwhelmed" by the multitude of options - if you have the right budget, it is not far to go to the nearest agency.

Our approach here follows the idea of ​​"helping people to help themselves", even if we can of course support you extensively - especially at the beginning. Our goal is that the customer, who often spends large sums of money in the marketing budget, at least understands the evaluation of the campaign and understands the basic relationships.

Apart from that, the automation part follows a step model here, as in other areas (e.g. autonomous driving). Depending on the degree of automation already in place, we can reach the next level, for example by using existing or developing our own interfaces between your systems, so that, for example, sales contacts from one (marketing) system are automatically transferred to your inventory management application.

After all, if a target group is defined, in most cases an almost fully automatic process flow is possible in marketing alone, which can relieve your sales and increase sales. Of course, we also work hand-in-hand with any internal or external marketing specialists that may be available, so that existing knowledge can be used and the best possible result can be achieved.

In a joint discussion, we will show you examples of possibilities, define our limits and introduce any partners who can supplement the offer.


  • Supervision of your corporate channels
  • Content research and creation
  • Moderation of your accounts
  • Training in dealing with social media

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