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With the focus on digitization, automation and compliance, your company will be fit for the future

Process consulting

Whether it is about long-term change processes or specific advice on a topic that you have known for a long time - due to our experience from a large number of companies and projects, we are your competent sparring partner.


Project management & change management

We are happy to support you in the implementation of a specific project. Whether it is about setting up a new department, starting online marketing or automating your own processes. Each project is individual and should be discussed in advance.

We support or coordinate the project and all those involved, if necessary by calling in experts from our broad network.


Interim management

Do you only want to bridge a vacancy temporarily?

You simply cannot find a suitable candidate for the position - but it urgently needs to be filled?

Would you like to test without obligation whether a manager in this position and with these tasks increases productivity?

Interim management is ideally suited for all of these applications - and beyond. We immerse ourselves in the company for a certain period of time and get to know it from the inside out.

And that without obligation and risk-free, as all activities - even as a temporary managing director of a corporation - are insured accordingly.



Patrick Kreutzer
Our goal:

Advance digitization legally and sustainably

And experience from various projects shows us that this is possible. Just not "off the shelf", but adapted to the company and its employees.


Numbers that speak for themselves:

50 %

Execution times in digitized processes reduced by up to 50%

46 %

... of SMEs open up new markets or customer groups

69 %

... see digitization as an improvement in communication and collaboration

* Based on statements from the companies surveyed and experience gained in the course of the project.

Successful teamwork

Partners & references

Stronger in a network than alone - customers become cooperation partners (or vice versa).
In today's highly complex world, the association is superior to the "lone warrior". And by the way, working together is also more enjoyable.

- Selection, based on data protection laws and professional secrecy -

What others say:

Client voices & comments

  • [...] Mr. Kreutzer has successfully worked on various projects over the past few years, on which we have received very positive feedback from our Mdt. Including the digitization of the accounting of a non-profit association with more than 150 employees (automation of accounting, introduction of a document management system (hardware and software) with subsequent training of employees, introduction of a wiki system, creation of extensive procedural documentation, support in the Areas of quality management, data protection and IT security). [...]


  • [...] The build-up of his specialist knowledge in the area of tension between IT / compliance / commercial processes relates to a topic that is currently extremely relevant, but in practice it is often still underestimated. With increasing technical possibilities and increasing regulatory requirements, the connection of the different disciplines and departments is gaining in importance, which Mr. Kreutzer recognized very early on. Since then, he has always reliably supported me in relevant projects through consulting services on specific topics, or in coordination and project management. [...]


  • Mr. Kreutzer supported us as part of an interim mandate, which is now being continued for the time being. Due to his expert knowledge in management topics, he was able to provide us with helpful tools and later also contacts in sales & marketing in addition to the restructuring of our interface processes. I was particularly impressed by the professional approach and the high level of empathy in dealing with employees and customers, so that I am happy to recommend Mr. Kreutzer for the activities described.


What we say:

Why we are "different" ...

Sustainable changes
Full flexibility
Risk diversification & concentrated know-how
Communication "between the worlds"
Close Open Sustainable changes

We are well aware of the long-standing reputation of management consultants - holding presentations, cashing in, steaming off.

Over time, however, the number of these colleagues should have reduced to a minimum. In any case, we want to illustrate a counterexample: every project we support is regularly proactively inquired and checked (if desired) even after it has been completed, if it is not looked after long-term anyway or if there is good contact with the company. So that change processes that have already started have a long-term effect.

Working business woman with global reports and stock market change concept
Close Open Full flexibility

Time may be tight, but we can find a way with a large team of broad-based experts.

In addition, we are your competent sparring partner in most conceivable situations: restructuring, reorganization, but also automation and scaling in order to reach the next sales level or to develop new business areas.

Global pandemic requirements aside: whether on-site or remote, we are also absolutely flexible here and, if necessary, on-site to support you and your team.

businesswoman climbing steep mountain hanging on rope
Close Open Risk diversification & concentrated know-how

In the ideal case, we have already spoken in a free initial consultation and discussed the daily pain (or pleasure points) in the company. So we already know relatively exactly where the journey has to go.

In principle, our commissioning is already a relatively low-risk insurance for you. In the worst case, if, for example, it does not fit in human terms, the collaboration is ended quickly and easily. Since we also work with a net and a false floor, possible risks on our part would also be covered by our voluntary business and property damage liability insurance.

In the more likely case, you will receive expert knowledge from various areas that can be called up at short notice. If necessary, also quantitatively scalable so that short-term order peaks or know-how gaps can be covered via our large partner network.

Managing risk business challenges uncertainty concept. Elephant with giraffe walking on dangerous rope high in sky symbol balance overcoming fear for goal success. Young entrepreneur corporate world
Close Open Communication "between the worlds"

Through our core competence and basic training, project management in the commercial or legal area as well as in the field of IT, over the years we have come to know and appreciate the worries, needs, wishes and fears of the departments and the people involved.

We are also often enough astonished to this day what potential people - and thus also their companies - can unleash in the correct setting and with the right framework conditions.

Often there are only small things, such as a clarifying conversation between employees and managers. But in the case of extensive restructuring, we are also your competent sparring partner, either in an assistant or managerial role.

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